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Ammo and home fires just don’t mix!

Liberty Ammo Can     Where do you want your ammo should you have a home fire? Just think about it!

     I talk to people on a daily basis that haven’t thought much about this question. Recently I handled a fire claim on a safe in which the ammo “cooking off” ruined an irreplaceable family heirloom.

     So I am asking you as valued Fin customers – where do you want your ammo should you have a home fire?  Just think about it, and check out this video if there is any doubt in your mind as to what it would look like!

     In a fire un-chambered ammo “cooks off”, goes pop as the casing and the bullet detach due to the powder burning and expanding.  There is little to no velocity as the energy forces both components in opposite directions.  Since the bullet is heavier than the case the case actually has more energy.  That case could become like shrapnel to anything or anyone (firemen) nearby.  The popular show Mythbusters did a segment on this very thing in 2010 and proved this fact, however, an unfired bullet chambered in a gun will fire with all the same force as if you pulled the trigger.

     According to the Calguns website in the testings they performed powder ignited at between 450 and 500 degrees.  That’s an entire different situation – bomb in a can.

     If you store your ammo and powder in your gun safe and it survives a fire are you going to use it anyway?   Are you defeating the purpose of a fire resistant safe by putting ammo in there and over riding the idea of fire resistance and basically just plain asking  for trouble?     Just think about it.

If all this ammo is cooking off and isnt locked up will your fire department refuse to fight your home fire? Just think about it.

In a perfect world the answer I believe is two safes.  However, I realize the finances involved  in owning two safes.

Let me suggest you stop at one of our locations and look at a Liberty ammo can as a possible solution.  This will free up needed gun space and should solve the problem of either not storing your ammo locked up or storing it with valuable irreplaceable items.

Where do you want you ammo should you have a home fire?

Just think about it!

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Blog written by: Stacy Massie, Safe Buyer, Fin Feather Fur Outfitters